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Is Vinyl Flooring Suitable for Your Home?

Vinyl flooring has both strength and weakness. On the good side, you will find vinyl flooring an enchanting, water and stain-resistant, durable, comfortable, and inexpensive floor type that is easy to install and requires low maintenance. Vinyl flooring is a cheap flooring option that represents many floor types that you cannot afford. If you want to have marble or hardwood floor at home, you can do that cheaply using vinyl flooring. On the bad side, vinyl flooring may be made from harmful materials, particularly VOC emitting PVC. Vinyl flooring is also so spongy that if you move heavy furniture on it, the furniture will likely scratch it. So, will vinyl flooring be your perfect flooring option? Read on.

If budget is always your priority when remodeling your home and—particularly—changing its floor, vinyl floor is your best option. Its appearance can perfectly resemble that of expensive floor, yet vinyl floor is soft and never as hard and cold as the latter. This often becomes a reason why vinyl flooring is installed not as a replacement for more expensive floor types, but as a flooring type that has its own identity. Many homeowners are proud to tell their guests that their children’s bedroom has soft and completely safe vinyl floor that has the appearance of expensive floor. If you think that this special feature of vinyl floor will be great for your home, you should opt for it.

But how about PVC? If you buy luxury vinyl plank in Louisville, KY, you get vinyl floor with all of the advantages and none of the disadvantages. If VOC makes you worried very much, the vinyl plank you buy contains significantly reduced amount of PVC. The floor also looks great. Its color, pattern and texture are so identical to those of expensive floor that you have to kneel just to find out that the floor is actually made from vinyl.