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Experience the Comfort of a Cowhide Rug

What could make the morning more unpleasant than to step out of bed onto a cold floor? Hardwood and tile floors are practical and beautiful; however, they do not offer comfortable steps like a rug. One of the reasons homeowners eschew synthetic carpets is that they can harbor a lot of allergens. It is not easy to get stains out of rugs, either. The tufts of the rugs flatten over time and they just look worn out. Instead of these synthetic carpets, many homeowners are buying genuine cowhide rugs for a natural alternative.

For generations, cowhide rugs have graced home décor. Their opulent leather is a natural product from keeping cattle. These rugs have unique variations in their hair pattern, according to the breed of cow that was used. There are not artificial materials or chemical dyes used in their construction, unlike synthetic rugs. Cowhide rugs bring the wholesome beauty of nature into people’s houses.

Ranch and country-style homes often decorate with cowhide rugs. With their increased popularity, they are becoming mainstays in suburban cottages and chic apartments. They flawlessly blend natural beauty with comfort. These stunning rugs tie in well with any decorating theme. Not only do they complement primitive and country design, but they quickly find a spot in modern and minimalist design.

These cowhide rugs would bring beneficial beauty to any room. When guests walk across them on the floor, they are amazed at the soft textures. People find these cow skin rugs cozy and warm. Their presence is a good way to start conversation. Since these rugs are easy to clean and resist stains, homeowners often lay them in their entry ways. They are perfect transitional pieces for hallways. As a bedroom rug, people say they wish they would have bought one sooner. It is comforting to step out on their soothing softness in the mornings.

Synthetic rugs often harbor allergens; therefore, allergy sufferers do not buy them. They do not have to worry when the buy a natural rug of cowhide. Since cow skin rugs are all natural, they will not keep the dust and other allergens that a man-made rug does.

To clean them, all homeowners have to do is to give them a good shaking and let them get some sunshine to refresh them. They will stay beautiful for generations with minimal care.

Genuine rugs of cowhide can be ideal for any home style. While most people use them as rugs, many others turn them into stunning wall hangings. They are warm and supple like a blanket and make the perfect throw for a couch or loveseat. These rugs make wonderful gifts for any occasion. Their natural beauty and versatility have made them a popular accessory in modern homes